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Spanish Summer Camp

¡Hola amigos!

Finally, summer days are upon us. But that does not mean that learning Spanish has to take a vacation. So, for those of us who are spending summer in the city. I decided to create the best Spanish summer camp for kids and teens. The students´ age can range from 3 to 17, but groups will be organized according to similar age. The camp programs are 100% customized to the age group and to the group´s particular interests. The programs are based on a holistic approach. The location must be provided by the parents. It can be a backyard, rooftop, finished basement... There will be plenty of outings to parks, organic ice cream parlors, the pedestrian mall, bookstores... The price is set according to the size of the group, the hours, and the length of the program.

The activities would range from games, singing, dancing, intelligent movement, laughter yoga, meditation, photography, videography, arts & crafts, cooking, gardening, debates for the advanced groups...

The camp hours will be between 9 and 4, a minimum of two hours per day, Monday to Friday.

The earlier the better to learn another language and get immersed in its culture. Imagine how many more doors can be open when you can properly communicate in another language.

Let the fun begin!

Because language is so much more than words...

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